Mohan Lakshmipathy

Actor's Full Work List

The Nativity Play: We Three


Event: Premier Production at the Gasworks Theatre

Written by: Hayley Lawson Smith

Directed by: Eryn Kimberley

Presented by: Dramatic Pause Theatre and Premiere At Gasworks

A drunken wretch of a prince, a senile old king and a heavily pregnant woman journey into the deserts towards Bethleham in search of the star child, in this contemporary re-telling of the Nativity Play.

Never Ending Night (Immersive Theatre)


Event: Melbourne Fringe Festival 2018

Written by:
Amelia Newman, Bridgette Burton and Keith Gow

Directed by: Renee Palmer

Presented by: Russell Sims, Libby Brockman

A Post-Apocalyptic Immersive Theatre Production which explores the depth of humanity and hope amidst the current refugee crisis and general chaos.

Hot Hot Pluto Rocks (Theatre)

Hot Hot Pluto Rocks

Event: Melbourne Fringe Festival 2015

Written by: Jackie Greenland

Directed by: Milly Cooper

Presented by: Soul Theatre Inc.

Location: Brunswick Mechanics Institute Studio, Melbourne, Australia

A short play performed as part of Climamania, a mini-festival of short plays and music for the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2015, Hot Hot Pluto Rocks explores the effects of climate change with a tinge of wit and humour.

Some Were Carried, Some – Dragged Behind (Immersive)


Concept and Coreography: Egle Budvytyte

Presented by: Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (Series: ACCA IN THE CITY 2015)

Location: Capital City Trail at Princess Bridge, Melbourne, Australia

Lithuanian artist Egle Budvytyte working with 7 local performers, creates moments of stillness in the bustle of the city through performances of actions along the banks of the Yarra river. Engaging with conventional ideas of the body with relation to public space, Some Were Carried, Some - Dragged Behind explores the ambiguity behind certain gestures, from violence and disobedience, through to empathy and care.

Amore - CCP Exhibition

Concept by Jo Duck for 'Center for Contemporary Photography Exhibition'

Seven Bald Men Singing Amore

Merrifield Promo

MAB Merrfield promotional video

A Taste Of Harmony 2018

Produced by : Think HQ for Scanlon Foundation

Written by : Andy Lima

Directed by : John Sheedy

A Taste of Harmony is an opportunity to celebrate the workplace's cultural diversity in a delicious way. Funded by the Scanlon Foundation, work places are asked to organise a lunch or afternoon/morning tea and encourage workers to bring a dish which represents their cultural background. A Taste of Harmony celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year (2018).


Ival short film still

Produced by : MGR Film Institute, Chennai, India

Written & Directed by : Deepak Srinivasan

Ival is a short film that explores the agony of a father and his act to avenge his young daughter who was murdered by a pervert.

VROOM - Commercial

VROOM 'A journey of sharing' commercial

Hay Fever Help Campaign

Hay Fever Campaign

Concept by Kojo for GlaxoSmithKline

Campaign to create awareness on Hay Fever symptoms, cause and cure.


Khoya Safar is an experimental short film; Written, Directed and Produced by Mohan Lakshmipathy under his banner Wanderer Works.

Synopsis: A poetry reflecting on a lost journey...

Genre: Experimental
Language: Hindi (with English subtitles)
Cast: Priyank Thakkar


Tharagan is a short film Written, Directed and Produced by Mohan Lakshmipathy under his banner Wanderer Works.

Synopsis: Kannan, a struggling house rental agent in the suburbs of Chennai, is desperate to find a tenant for an apartment, so that he can settle his own immediate rental debt.

Genre: Drama
Language: Tamil (with English subtitles)
Cast: Shantha Kumar, Kavin Jay Babu, Tamilselvi


Kadavul Kaapaatruvaar is a short film Written, Directed and Produced by Mohan Lakshmipathy under his banner Wanderer Works.

Synopsis: Chandru, a middle aged working middle class man from Chennai, takes his 'call' after his boss justifies his unjust act.

Genre: Drama
Language: Tamil (with English subtitles)
Cast: Kavin Jay Babu, Chandru